• Prohibition begins

    The beginning of a 13-year ban on the sale of alcohol creates a ripe opportunity for bootlegging and speakeasies.

  • Gallaghers opens as a speakeasy

    Gallaghers opens as a speakeasy

    The country is in Prohibition, Lindbergh makes his famed transatlantic flight and Babe Ruth becomes the highest paid baseball player (at $70,000 a year), hitting 60 homeruns in one season.

    Gallaghers opens on 52nd Street, by former Ziegfeld girl Helen Gallagher – wife of Ed Gallagher of the vaudeville comedy team Gallagher and Shean – with her partner, the colorful gambler, Jack Solomon. It becomes the place to be for gamblers, sports figures and Broadway stars.

  • The Stock Market Crashes and The Great Depression Begins

    Ed Gallagher dies and Helen marries Jack Solomon. Gallaghers continues to be a place to let off some steam.

  • Gallaghers Steakhouse during prohibition

    Prohibition ends

    With liquor now legal, Gallagher and Solomon turn their former speakeasy into Broadway's first steakhouse. Covering the walls with pictures of stars and sports figures, the atmosphere attracts the rich and famous and remains the place to be in the theatre district.

  • Gallaghers rises to the call

    Government enforces "Meatless Tuesdays" and Gallaghers responds

    With WWII raging Gallaghers rises to the call to conserve: "Okay, Uncle Sam! We'll cooperate to the letter. We'll even go you one better. Tuesday is meatless and also is eatless, for we will be closed on Tuesdays."

  • Irene Hayes signature

    Helen Gallagher dies and Jack Solomon marries Irene Hayes

    The restaurateur and famed florist tie the knot and Irene becomes co-owner of Gallaghers along with owning the leading Park Avenue flower shop, Irene Hayes Wadley & Smythe.

  • End of WWII Celebration in Times Square

    WWII ends

    Record crowds turn out in Times Square to celebrate.

  • Jack Solomon dies

    With the loss of her husband, Irene Hayes becomes sole owner of Gallaghers.

  • Windows installed in Gallaghers fames meat locker

    Gallaghers opens for lunch

    Irene Hayes sells Gallaghers to Jerome Brody

    Windows installed in Famed Meat Locker

    Gallaghers rebrands

    1964 is a banner year for Gallaghers. New owners, longer hours, the installation of the iconic Meat Locker and a fresh look for the brand breathes new life into the venue.

  • Dick Conlon becomes general manager in 1973

    Dick Conlon becomes General Manager

    Jerome Brody hires Dick Conlon to run the restaurant as General Manager.

  • 1994 Gallaghers rebrand

    A new logo is introduced

    After 30 years, the script Gallaghers logo is updated, featuring bright red type and dropping the icon of the man and cow that was created in 1964.

  • Unveiling of the "Canvas of Stars" mural

    Jerome Brody's widow Marlene – now the sole owner of Gallaghers since her husband's passing in 2001 – commissions noted cartoonist Peb (Pierre Bellocq) to create the Canvas of Stars mural. It took him one year to complete the work, which includes such greats as Muhammad Ali, Joe Dimaggio and JFK. This priceless piece of art is now in the possession of Mrs. Jerome Brody.

  • Mrs. Brody selling to Dean Poll

    New York horse racing has always been a big part of Gallaghers. In that spirit, after 50 years of ownership, Mrs. Brody hands over the reigns to Dean Poll.

    Dean Poll purchases Gallaghers

    With the vision of preserving its character and returning it to its former place as the preeminent steakhouse in New York, Dean Poll sets out to renovate, restore and rebrand the venue. "It is part of the fabric of New York and I'm privileged to be a part of it", says Poll.

  • Gallaghers Steakhouse relaunches in 2014

    New York's legendary steakhouse relaunches in March

    Committed to retaining the history of this iconic gem, Dean Poll opens the doors to an updated Gallaghers.